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Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a highly experienced and well-regarded plastic surgeon with offices in Dallas and Plano, Texas. As a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jejurikar’s reputation draws numerous patients from throughout the United States every year. In order to help prospective patients arrange their stay in Dallas, Dr. Jejurikar’s staff offers helpful recommendations regarding travel plans and hotel accommodations.

Before Your Buttock Lift

If you are considering Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Jejurikar, contact his office at 214-827-2814. His office staff will help you determine if you need to travel to Dallas preoperatively. In most cases, patients do not need to visit Dallas until the day prior to surgery as the majority of preoperative consultations can be completed online and over the phone. If this is the case, Dr. Jejurikar’s office staff will ask you to send a series of photos taken at specific angles, as well as various medical forms. By evaluating this information, Dr. Jejurikar and his staff will plan and schedule your surgery.

Traveling to Dallas for Buttock Augmentation

Patients should arrive in Dallas the day prior to surgery to meet with Dr. Jejurikar face-to-face. This will allow an unhurried consultation with Dr. Jejurikar and will allow his staff the opportunity to complete requisite paperwork and to obtain high quality photographs. Most patients having Brazilian Butt Lift spend the first one to two nights after the surgery at the Cloister at Park Lane, a luxury post-operative recovery center that is located adjacent to Dallas Day Surgery Center. This is a one-of-a-kind facility that enables patients to recover in comfort without the worry of having to rely on friends and family for their care. Nursing care is present at all times to assist with the needs of patients. The Cloister also features an on-site concierge, Internet access and a television. In addition to a hospital bed, all rooms have an additional queen-sized bed for family members or friends. The Cloister provides a convenient, tranquil, and comfortable atmosphere for post-operative recovery.


Dr. Jejurikar meets with his buttock augmentation patients approximately 5-7 days after surgery to remove any stitches and to check his patients’ progress. Although most Brazilian Butt Lift patients feel well within days after of their surgery, Dr. Jejurikar asks them to refrain from sitting for 10 days postoperatively; this makes travel by air impossible during this time frame. Car travel is possible if patient are able to lay in the back seat.

After Surgery

Dr Jejurikar’s office remains in contact with his out-of-town Brazilian Butt Lift patients by phone or email. Patients always have the option to return for face-to-face evaluation and many choose to do so in the first few months after surgery.

Scheduling Surgery with Dr. Jejurikar

If you would like to schedule a consultation or learn more about Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Implants contact Dr. Jejurikar’s office at 214-827-2814. A member of his office staff will be happy to assist you in setting up an in-person consultation or assist you in setting up surgery from afar.

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