Nourishment of Fat

Why it’s important to consume a high fat, high calorie diet after you’ve had a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most of Dr. J’s Brazilian Butt Lift patients get anxious when they hear that they’ll need to conform to a high fat, high calorie diet for 3 months following the BBL procedure. This type of diet is necessary in order to maintain the fullness and volume of your buttocks from the BBL surgery. Eating a diet high in fat and calories is also vital in providing nourishment to the newly transferred fat cells.

Adipocytes, also known as fat cells, are cells that store energy (measured as calories) as concentrated lipids (fat). When you take in more calories than you use, the fat cells will stretch and fill up. Adipocytes have the capacity to stretch to 20 times their normal physiologic size. Eating a high fat, high calorie diet in excess of 2,000 calories per day is recommended for the first few months after surgery to ensure that the transplanted fat cells remain plump, thereby allowing you to preserve the shape created during surgery.

After surgery, your basal metabolic rate is increased; this means you are burning calories at a faster than normal rate. This means that eating more will not necessarily make you gain weight in undesired places; in fact, any weight you do gain will preferentially go to your butt. Furthermore, if you restrict your intake of food after Brazilian Butt Lift, given that you are burning calories at a faster than normal rate, the transplanted fat cells can shrink and die. This will compromise your results, and leave you with a smaller less voluptuous derrière.

Enjoy this time after surgery; when else will you be able not to worry about what your scale says and simply focus on how great your new butt and body looks!

These are some healthy high-fat, calorie dense foods to consider:

  • Olive Oil, Coconut Oil
  • Avocados
  • Tofu
  • Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Macadamia, Cashews and other nuts
  • Whole Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fatty Fish
  • Full Fat Yogurt
  • Olives
  • Red Meat
  • Nut Butter

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