Preparation of Fat

What is Dr. J’s method for fat preparation prior to transfer?

A common question patients ask during their Brazilian Butt Lift consultation with Dr. Jejurikar is what method he uses for fat preparation prior to transfer to the buttocks. Dr. Jejurikar uses a closed, passive method of adipocyte (fat cell) preparation. During liposuction, Dr. J collects the fat in canisters using a completely closed, in-line system. This system enables the fat to be placed into syringes without exposing the cells to air, which is thought to promote less fat cell desiccation (drying out) and therefore, maintain a greater percentage of live cells. Over several minutes, the fat separates into a serum layer and a fat cell layer. The serum layer is removed from the fat, leaving live fat cells available for injection.

Dr. Jejurikar does not use high-speed centrifugation to purify his fat. Although this can be very effective for separating fat from serum, at high speeds, centrifugation can be traumatic to adipocytes and can actually lessen the amount of live fat cells available for transfer. Rather than spinning the fat down, Dr. J uses the closed, in-line decantation system to drain and separate the fat from the tumescent fluid, blood, emulsified fat, serum and oils. Antibiotics are then added to the fat, which is done to lessen the chances of patients developing a post-operative infection. Many studies have demonstrated that passive methods for preparing fat for transfer maintain a high percentage of adipocyte derived stem cells and maintain a high percentage of live fat cells. In addition, Dr. Jejurikar’s extensive clinical experience with this method has shown that patients maintain a significant volume of fat months and years after surgery.

After Dr. Jejurikar has completed the fat preparation process, he re-injects the purified fat into the buttocks using syringes and small caliber cannulas. Dr. J uses a micro-droplet injection technique to slowly inject the newly acquired fat in thin layers within the buttock. The fat is injected in multiple planes (in front of the muscle, within the gluteus muscle, and behind the muscle) to enhance the projection of the butt. The fat can be injected in moderation for an improved contour and shape, or in excess, to give the buttocks significantly more volume.

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