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The Brazilian Butt Lift (gluteal fat grafting) is the gold standard for buttock enhancement. The ideal candidate for the Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift is in good health and is either slightly overweight or has some extra fat of the love handles, back, abdomen, thighs or arms. It is a common misconception that the Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift is only for patients wanting larger buttocks; although that certainly happens, the Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift focuses on sculpting and shaping the buttocks, thereby giving the butt a better contour and projection.

Two essential components of the Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift exist: liposuction to contour and shape the body and buttocks followed by fat grafting to provide projection, contour, shape and size to the buttocks.

The first step is contouring with liposuction. Many patient’s have a square or rectangular shape preoperatively (see patient below, on the right). By performing extensive liposuction of the back, flanks (love handles) and outer thighs, a more feminine shape can be created (popularly known as an “A frame”, see patient below on the right). This aspect of surgery is just as important as buttock augmentation with fat, but is commonly neglected by surgeons performing Brazilian Butt Lift.

Liposuction shaping


The next step is more intuitive – gluteal augmentation and sculpting with fat. The fat removed by liposuction is collected into an inline cannister, from which serum is removed and to which antibiotics are added. This leaves a purified collection of fat which is placed into large syringes and injected into the buttocks. The fat is injected superficial to and deep to the gluteus maximus muscles, leaving a long lasting result. The fat is used to create an improved shape, contour and profile to the buttock. Some patients desire a dramatic increase in buttock size; others do not. Both looks are achievable with the Dallas Brazilian Butt Lift.


Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and generally ranges from two hours to three-and-a-half hours in length. Patients are asked to refrain from sitting or laying on their back for 10-14 days postoperatively. Patients generally wear a compression garment for 3-6 weeks postoperatively, which generally is well-hidden below their clothes. Patients’ results typically look good within a few weeks, but it can be several months until the last bit of swelling subsides.

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