It’s not uncommon for patients to have certain expectations when it comes to their post operative results. One of the best things a patient can do before going under the knife is to have an open dialogue with their surgeon about their potential result. In the era of “bootylicious” many patients will say that they do not have a desire to look like Kim K. or Nicki Minaj in their initial consultation… but post operatively it becomes clear that they actually had bigger dreams than they let on. What many patients do not know is that more often than not, women who have achieved result such as these famous backsides have often had multiple enhancing procedures. Booties that big cannot always be accomplished with just one surgery, and here is the reason why.

As the old saying goes, “everyone is different.” And this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to Brazilian Butt Lifts. It is always your surgeon’s goal to give you the biggest, shapeliest possible booty in one shot. However, your body is often the limiting factor in the whole equation.  Your result depends on the amount of fat your body is able to both give and receive. Some people can donate liters and liters of their own fat to the cause, while, on the other hand, some patient’s make it very difficult on the surgeon to harvest a substantial amount of fat. And he has to work extra hard to get every last drop of fat possible.

Once all of your available fat is collected and cleaned, it is time to put it where it belongs. This part of the operation is patient dependent as well. One patient may be able to get 1200 liters of fat placed into each buttock, while others may only be able to get 800 liters per side. This is because each patient has a certain amount of “give” or laxity to their skin. The surgeon is limited on how much of the fat he can inject by the amount of fat your skin will stretch to allow.  It would be unsafe and often detrimental to your results if your surgeon pushed your body beyond its capabilities to keep the new fat alive.

My advice is to not go into surgery with a specific number in mind. And definitely don’t compare yourself to your girlfriend or a review you have seen online. Everyone is different. You need to trust your surgeon will do all that he can possibly do to get your booty as big as possible. Once all the swelling goes away and your new shape is revealed, you are sure to love your new rear view!

Recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift can be difficult, if not down right inconvenient. I ask my patient not to sit or lay on their buttocks for 10 days after surgery; I also ask them to minimize the pressure by offloading their butt with a rolled towel or blanket for an additional of four-and-a-half weeks (6 weeks total after surgery). People often look at me as though I’ve lost my mind when I tell them about the recovery. “How am I not supposed to sit or lie on my butt for 10 days after surgery?! That’s impossible!”

Luckily, as the popularity of buttock augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures continues to rise in this country (over 25,000 performed in 2014 in the United States, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), so is the availability of products designed to help your recovery.

One of the most exciting products to hit the marketplace is the Curve Cure. This is product specifically designed to help patients undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock augmentation and is geared to patients who travel out-of-town to have the procedure. The inventor, an attorney from San Diego, devised three inflatable conditions. The first is a plastic mattress with a cleverly designed depression to offload pressure from swollen buttocks. A built-in air pump will inflate and deflate the mattress. In addition, the inventor has designed a seated cushion with back rest to minimize pressure when sitting. These cushions fit in a handbag, allowing it to work perfectly for patients who travel to other cities to have their procedures performed. To learn more, visit

Another solution made popular by patients is to purchase either a reclining beach chair or a directors chair. It obviously requires some experimentation, but ingenious patients have figured out that, by cutting out portions of the back and sides of the chair, they can sit without putting pressure on their buttocks. Obviously, enough of the chair must remain intact to support a patient’s weight, so experimentation prior to having surgery is highly recommended!

Yet another solution requires a little more balance, but far less effort. My office and I have begun to recommend TriLite Stools to our patients. Not sure what this is? Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either; a patient introduced it to me. Follow this link to see a picture. It essentially is a backless, foldable stool that fits into a compact storage bag and is great for patients traveling to have their procedure performed. It requires some balance, so it’s best not to use immediately after surgery, when patients are still under the influence of narcotic pain medications.

Have questions about buttock augmentation recovery? Contact my office at 214-827-2814 for more information!

With all the talk and hype surrounding the popularity of the big booty lately, many people considering having buttock augmentation surgery wonder if it really works.  Not only do they question if it really works, they want to know if the results last.  After all, who wants to go through the entire pre and post-operative process and spend money on any type of cosmetic surgery if it’s not guaranteed?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, along with butt augmentation using buttock implants, is the safest way to surgically increase the size and shape of the booty. During Brazilian Butt Lift, the problem areas on a patient’s body that retain excess fat, such as the abdomen, lower back, and the inner thighs are liposuctioned.  Then, the live purified fat cells are transferred and injected into the buttocks.  This butt augmentation procedure results in a whittled down waist and mid-section as well as a shapelier and more voluptuous butt.  The procedure also offers the most natural look and feel to the butt.

In order for the butt augmentation surgery to remain successful, the patients need to follow specific post-operative guidelines that will be given to them by their plastic surgeon before and after surgery.  The most important rules to follow in order to maintain a healthy butt and ensure fat cell survival are:

  • Stay off the butt entirely for the first 10 days after surgery! Fat cell survival depends on avoiding undue pressure on the butt. High pressure can delay formation of new blood vessels vital for fat preservation and can deform the buttocks.
  •  Consume a high calorie diet following the procedure. Fat cells need to retain their size for your buttocks to retain their shape. Starving your fat cells after surgery is a sure fire way to cause your buttocks to shrink!

Patients that put pressure on their buttocks too soon after surgery run the risk of damaging and even killing the fragile newly injected fat cells.  This can result in a flattened, deflated appearance.  Consuming a high fat, high calorie diet for at least 3 months after having butt augmentation surgery is also imperative to maintaining the size and shape of the new butt.  The fat cells need to be fed and nourished to remain viable.  Patients who decide to have buttock augmentation surgery need to make sure they do their part after surgery in order to achieve the desired result.  Otherwise, the end results may be compromised.

Please call the office of Dr. Jejurikar at (214) 827-2814 if you are interested in learning more about changing the size and shape of your booty and waistline with the Brazilian Butt Lift, or Butt Implants.

Bigger booties are currently having there time in the lime light and butt augmentation is no doubt the most sought after procedure by women and men across the globe.  But at what links are people willing to go to in order to achieve the coveted Kim Kardashian sized butt?

It’s a given that anyone considering altering their body in any way to acquire a bigger booty should put their health and safety ahead of vanity.  Unfortunately, too many people are rushing to get butt shots by unqualified scoundrels rather than experienced board certified plastic surgeons, without giving their safety and physical health a second thought.

Illegal black market “butt shots” have been mostly commonplace among strippers, sex workers and the trans-gender community, but more people from all walks of life are now seeking quick and cheap booty augmentations illegally.  As we’ve witnessed all over the news and social media, this quick-fix trend has dire consequences that some people seem to pay no mind to just to be able to fill out their jeans more.

Yet again, someone has recently died from receiving illegal black market butt injections.  34 year old, Kelly Mayhew of Maryland died Saturday, May 30th due to complications from illegal silicone butt shots that were preformed in the basement of an unlicensed worker in Queens.  Kelly was an educated woman who worked as a platform producer at BET in Washington, DC.  It’s hard to understand why she would so carelessly put her life in the hands of someone who was not a legitimate physician.

A board certified plastic surgeon achieves buttock augmentation either by safely transferring the patient’s own fat to the butt, or by inserting specialized buttock implants.  The results are long-term and have no negative health ramifications.

Illegal butt injections that are preformed with silicone, hydrogel, mineral oil, etc. can cause severe physical damage, and even death from infection and pulmonary embolism.  These types of black market injections may be quicker and cheaper, but as we all know, you typically get what you pay for.  Losing your life or suffering from physical deformity or health complications indefinitely as a result of saving time or money is just not worth it!

Hopefully, people will begin to use more common sense and start putting their safety and well being ahead of trying to achieve their idea of perfection.

If you are interested in learning more about safe and reliable buttock augmentation procedures performed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, please call the office of Dr. Jejurikar at (214) 827-2814 to scheduled your consultation.

Big butts are all the rage thanks to certain celebrities and social media.  Women and even some men across America are hopping on the big booty bandwagon.  Some women and men are lucky enough to have been genetically blessed with a large, voluptuous buttocks and the perfect waist-to-hip ratio, but what about the people who weren’t?

Some of the booty-less have taken drastic measures to obtain a fuller, rounder bottom by seeking illegal, black market injections, or “butt shots” from predators with no medical degree, board certification and license to do so.  Some of the items used in this underground market are motor oil, industrial grade silicone, mineral oil, caulk, fix-a-flat and Vaseline petroleum jelly.  The effects these procedures have had on the health and well being of the people who have undergone these types of injections are horrific.  There are reports of buttock tissue rotting, irreversible damage to other parts of the body due to the injected substances leaking throughout, toxic shock and even death.  The obvious lesson here is to always seek treatment for medical procedures from those who are legally able to preform them on you.  Having a larger backside is not worth risking your health and your life.

There are plenty of articles and posts floating around out there that claim certain exercises can give you a large, round butt.  Squats, lunges, and leg lifts are the most popular and most commonly mentioned moves that promise to give you a bigger booty.  These exercises are great for toning, tightening and lifting your backside and hips, but they’re not great for adding volume and mass to your booty and thighs.  Committing to these exercises will no doubt have you looking great – just not in the same way you can achieve with liposuction and transfer to the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift).

The Brazilian Butt Lift, preformed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, is your best option if you’re looking to increase the size and shape of your buttocks and hips, while simultaneously whittling down your waist.  This procedure can create an ultra feminine hourglass shape and can give you the big booty of your dreams.  Brazilian Butt Augmentation is accomplished by performing liposuction from the abdomen, love handles, back and other areas with excessive fat accumulation.  After the fat has been removed, it is re-injected into the buttocks and hips, resulting in a shapelier, more voluptuous shape.

Buttock augmentation with implants is also an option if you are someone who doesn’t have much excess fat to spare.  When performed properly by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, the Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock Augmentation with Implants procedures are very safe and the results can be stunning.  You’ll never have trouble filling out your jeans again!

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We’ve all heard that it’s a man’s world, but these days it seems to be all about women and their ass-sets.  Yes, we are all well aware of how much the men are appreciating the big butt phenomenon that’s taken over our culture; but how much do women like it?

Since the big booty craze has taken our culture by storm, women with thicker hips and larger booties are feeling freer to be themselves and more confident in their bodies.  Instead of having to target those areas to lose weight and fit what used to be the sought after rail-thin body type, women are working hard to lift and tone their backside and accentuate a smaller waist.  Women today are proudly flaunting their curves in form-hugging dresses and skin-tight jeans and are no longer hiding them under baggy clothes.

Having a big round booty, full hips and a small waist not only looks good from the side and back in jeans, leggings, dresses and bikinis; it gives women a more feminine hourglass shape from the front as well.  The look of the voluptuous, sexy hourglass figure has been admired and desired for decades.  Women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor seduced the world with their curves.  These days, it’s women like Kim Kardashian who make us drool over the ultra feminine shape.  The look is so popular and preferred, that women who are not naturally blessed with a fuller lower body are seeking butt augmentation surgery to achieve maximum curves.

Popular cosmetic procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock Augmentation with Implants are the fastest and safest options available to women with big booty envy.  The Brazilian Butt Lift involves taking fat via liposuction from the abdomen, love handles and lower back to whittle the middle and sculpt the waist; then, the fat is injected into the butt and hips for added fullness and a shapelier booty.  For women of smaller frames who don’t have a lot of excess fat, Butt Augmentation with Implants may be the best choice for acquiring a bigger butt.  If you’re considering buttock enhancement, please take the best care of yourself by receiving treatment only from an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get a fuller booty and curvier silhouette with the Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Augmentation with Implants please call the office of Dr. Jejurikar at (214) 827-2814.

The male attraction to the curvaceous and voluptuous female figure has been undeniable for centuries. The attraction goes much deeper than just the sexy look of the curvy female form; it appears to be in the makeup of the male genetic code. Science even seems to be able to back up this claim.

In a 2010 study conducted in Papua New Guinea, 100 men were shown pre and post-operative photos of women who had undergone cosmetic surgery for buttock augmentation, or Brazilian Butt Lift. Excess fat was liposuctioned from their waists and then injected into their buttocks and hips to enlarge and reshape the area and to create an hourglass figure – resulting in a lower waist-to-hip ratio. The men were asked to rate the attractiveness of the before and after photos with the post-operative photos consistently being chosen by the men as the most attractive and desirable. The group of men preferred the photos showing the women with curvier figures and a lower waist-to-hip ratio to the pre-operative photos where the ratio wasn’t as low and the buttocks and hips weren’t as full.

Science suggests that this trait of women having a small waist combined with large, round buttocks and full hips, along with the attraction to a woman’s breasts, is the most attractive female body type to men. This body type has been an indicator to men of a woman’s fertility and sustainability since the caveman era. A woman of reproductive age who possesses a smaller waist and larger buttocks and hips is thought to have better success at becoming pregnant, remaining active during pregnancy, and has a lesser risk of becoming ill while pregnant. All of which is necessary to ensure an abundance of healthy babies to carry on the family line.

So, the good news is that the current attraction to bigger butts is not just a passing fad of our times that will continue to expand and then deflate. Rather, a woman possessing a big butt and full hips has always appealed to men and has subconsciously been associated with fertility and activity during pregnancy in the male’s search for the ideal biological partner; and that instinctual desire can’t be changed.

If you are interested in learning more about the Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Augmentation with Implants to help you achieve a smaller, sculpted waist and fuller buttocks and hips, contact Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s office at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute at (214) 827-2814.

I read an article on earlier this week called “5 odd body trends inspired by the Kardashians.” The undoubted reason for the article is the recent trend “inspired” by Kylie Jenner (#KylieJennerChallenge) in which people stick their lips in shot glasses, suck all the air out, and have plump, puckered lips. Huh?

How is this a thing?

Don’t think I need to waste a lot of words on the stupidity of this practice. This trend is dangerous, potentially disfiguring, and almost certainly painful. Suffice it to say, this is not a trend that will be invading plastic surgery offices across America. Furthermore, plump lips have been popular in our culture for years; Kylie Jenner did not put them on the map.

Kylie’s big sister is another matter. Kim Kardashian, along with other celebrities like J. Lo and Nicki Minaj, have helped the general public gain an appreciation of disproportionately large butts. Not only on television and in movies, but in songs ranging from Sir Mix-A-Lot (“Baby Got Back,” 1992) to Megan Trainor (“All About that Bass,” 2015), society’s love affair with big booties has blossomed. According to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, rates of buttock augmentation soared by 86% in 2014, making it one of the fastest growing operations in the United States.

Most popular amongst the buttock augmentation procedures is the Brazilian Butt Lift, which combines liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and back with fat transplantation to the buttocks. This procedure simultaneous narrows the waist while plumping the butt. This procedure can help women strive towards the hourglass figure made so popular by Kim K., with a nearly impossibly tiny waist transitioning to curvaceous buttocks and thighs. A few years ago, Kim Kardashian denied ever having had buttock augmentation surgery, even producing an X-ray of her buttocks which showed no implant of any kind.

Does this prove anything? Not really. The beauty of the Brazilian Butt Lift is that it uses a patient’s own fat, which is natural and already in the butt, to sculpt and fill the buttocks. As a result, even if she did have the procedure, nothing would appear on an X-ray.

Regardless of whether or not she ever had the procedure, Kim Kardashian definitely has had a role in the wildly huge increase in the Brazilian Butt Lift’s popularity in the United States. For that, countless numbers of women owe her a debt of gratitude (and a few men too).

To learn more about buttock augmentation in Dallas, contact Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s office at 214-827-2814.


My wife and I visited Napa Valley recently and noticed a statue on the grounds of the Robert Mondavi winery as we were enjoying our delicious wine flight. The statue is called the “Welcoming Muse,” and is a statue of a nude woman crafted by John Henry Waddell. Our host explained to us that, on special occasions, the employees of the winery dress her up.

I couldn’t help but imagine what this statue would look like if it “dressed up” with an ideal woman’s body type. Certainly she would be a curvier with larger, shapelier buttocks! I used Photoshop to create what I envision the statue would look like if she were made today; it’s what you can see in the “after” picture. I gave her a tinier waist, rounder and bigger buttocks with enhanced projection and width, and a more dramatic transition between the hips and waist.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 8.31.13 PM

Now, that’s more like it!

It is interesting to take a look back at how society’s perception of the ideal female body has changed throughout time. We can see the differences in what the ideal standard of beauty is for women during a particular era through paintings, photographs, literature, television and fashion.

The changes we see over periods of time can be attributed to social status, geography, advertising and celebrity popularity. Celebrity icons like Marylyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Elle McPherson, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian all have had a huge impact on what becomes the most sought after body type during the height of their own popularity. Whether it’s a more voluptuous figure all over or in one particular area of the body, slender or athletic, women become enamored with these celebrities and seek to achieve that ideal body type for themselves, and to impress others.

As most of us are aware, the body type that is currently considered to be the most popular and sought after by American women is the curvaceous body with very prominent round buttocks together with full hips and thighs. We have a handful of beautiful celebrities to thank for this current trend. Of course Kim Kardashian, JLo, and Nicki Minaj are the inspirations behind (no pun intended) this big booty craze and it seems we can’t get enough of it!

Buttock augmentation has taken the beauty industry by storm as the most requested and talked about cosmetic procedure presently available to achieve the coveted look. Buttock augmentation can be accomplished by harvesting and injecting the patient’s own fat into the buttocks, or with buttock implants. Individuals should use good judgment when researching accredited surgeons and facilities for obtaining these procedures, and only seek treatment from an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to learn more about buttock augmentation with fat grafting or implants, call the office of Dr. Sam Jejurikar at (214) 827-2814.

As big, beautiful butts become more popular in our society, many women are becoming obsessed with getting their very own voluptuous, round buttocks. Unfortunately, however, some of them have taken shortcuts, seeking out illegal, black market butt shots.

In the world of facial cosmetic surgery, patients have an effective and safe alternative to surgery, which are dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or similar substances. Unfortunately, in the world of buttock augmentation, because the facial fillers come in such small volumes, in the United States, there are no good, safe alternatives to surgery.

Because of this, we have seen a shockingly large increase in the number of illegal buttock injections performed in this country. In Dr. Jejurikar’s clinical practice alone, he has seen patients injected with industrial grade silicone, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly (Vaseline). There are even reports of patients having been injected with substances such as industrial caulk and fix-a-flat.

What are the potential consequences of these illegal injections? None of these are substances that are meant to be within the human body, and, as a result, the consequences are very real. Within a few months to a few years after injections, patients may experience severe scarring, dimpling and deformity of the buttocks. Dr. Jejurikar has seen many patients who develop thickening of the skin and inflammatory reactions related to the body’s attempt to expel these substances. Even worse, life-threatening complications, such as lung or cardiac failure, shock and multi-organ failure can also develop. Recently, in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, a tragic case was reported in which a patient who went to a lash salon underwent illegal butt injections. The substance utilized was reported to be hydrogel. The patient developed shock and died while in the salon. Her body was left overnight and was discovered the next day.

Dr. J was asked to comment on the story, which was recently featured on the local news.

What’s the take home message? Cosmetic procedures are not worth dying for! Do not engage in dangerous medical practices that could jeopardize your life! If you truly desire buttock enhancement, it’s important that you see a trained medical professional. Even though the financial costs are higher, the potential life threatening consequences of illegal butt shots are not worth the risks.

Whoever you see, make sure that the surgeon performing your procedure is a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in buttock augmentation  and Brazilian butt lift. If you’d like to see Dr J, please contact our office to set up an appointment.

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