Combining your BBL with other procedures

For the past several years I have recommended my patients who were interested in having the Brazilian Butt Lift to have this procedure done solo. The reasoning behind this theory is simple. The recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift is challenging in the sense that it limits your positioning during both sleep and awake hours. Our post operative instructions require patients to remain completely off of their buttocks for a full ten days following surgery. Once these initial days are completed, patients are required sit or lie in a modified position for the next several weeks. This poses a significant challenge for patients who would be recovering from a tummy tuck or breast augmentation at the same time.

The recovery from a tummy tuck requires the patient to recover on their side in a bent position or even on their back. Both of these positions would put too much pressure on the buttocks and the outer thighs, likely compressing the blood flow to the newly transferred fat and thus compromising the final results.

The same goes for the recovery from breast augmentation surgery. If you combined this with the BBL procedure, lying on the buttocks to protect the breast would compromise the fat grafts, and lying on the stomach to protect the buttocks would put pressure on the newly placed implants. This could results in poorly positioned implants leaving you with a dissatisfying result. So how can we combine procedures with the BBL? It seems like a smart idea to combine surgeries to save on costs, only have one recovery period from surgery rather than multiple, and decrease the number of times going under anesthesia.

The solution is the Curve Cure mattress! This is product has been specifically designed to help patients undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock augmentation and is geared to patients who want to combine multiple procedures. The inflatable, plastic mattress was designed with a centrally located depression to offload pressure from swollen buttocks. A built-in air pump will inflate and deflate the mattress. This will allow a patient recovering from a surgery on the breasts or tummy  along with the buttocks to keep both surgical sites protected while home recovering. It will also be useful for traveling to and from your procedure and post operative visits. These cushions fit in a handbag, allowing it to work perfectly for patients who travel to other cities to have their procedures performed. To learn more, visit

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