Staying Ahead of the Curve

The last few years have brought about many exciting shifts in the field of cosmetic surgery. It isn’t just expert opinions that drive the changes in the perception of beauty, however. Pop culture plays an integral role in defining what it is that we should consider beautiful. In years past, it was thin frames with stick straight bodies that dominated the magazine covers you would stare at while waiting in line to pay for your groceries. But, with the social media craze, J.Lo and her sheer green dress (you can’t forget that moment) and the overly exposed Kardashian clan, those boyish-framed bodies have taken the backseat to voluptuous, shapely curves.

It is safe to say we are in the height of the bootylicious craze, and there isn’t a single sign that this trend is slowing down. Experts have weighed in that 2016 will only see increases in the number of women seeking to amp up their backsides. In fact, according to a recent survey, about forty-seven percent of plastic surgeons said they received a higher number of buttock related procedure requests from women in 2015 when compared to 2014.

While the trend continues to increase in popularity, the ideals regarding the outcomes of surgery are shifting as well. We can unanimously agree as the Brazilian butt lift has risen to popularity over the years, the goal has more often than not focused on the size. Women requested backsides to be large to simulate that likes of J.Lo, Kim K., and Nicki Minaj. There is no arguing that these women have ample and shapely backsides.

But, what has history told us about all trends from all spans of history? If the majority of people latch on to one particular trend, it has already reached critical mass. Once this type of maximum has been reached, the ideals begin to be redefined.

What does this mean exactly? The trend now will take the focus off of size and place it on shape. It will no longer be about who has the biggest booty but rather who has the best shape. And the celebrity derrière that is heading straight into the spotlight is none other than that of Mrs. Timberlake herself, Jessica Biel. Hers has been referred to as the “ rounded egg”  where a greater emphasis is placed on a smaller waist while the width of the hips will vary by culture. It focuses less on the amount of fat transferred and more on strategy of placement during the operation. We can make it perky, round, petite, and nice – creating sultry, sexier silhouette.

Despite this directional change, there is no debate that the same attention and respect will continue to be paid to the booty.  However, staying ahead of the trend will keep you ahead of the curve.

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