Great “Butt”spectations

It’s not uncommon for patients to have certain expectations when it comes to their post operative results. One of the best things a patient can do before going under the knife is to have an open dialogue with their surgeon about their potential result. In the era of “bootylicious” many patients will say that they do not have a desire to look like Kim K. or Nicki Minaj in their initial consultation… but post operatively it becomes clear that they actually had bigger dreams than they let on. What many patients do not know is that more often than not, women who have achieved result such as these famous backsides have often had multiple enhancing procedures. Booties that big cannot always be accomplished with just one surgery, and here is the reason why.

As the old saying goes, “everyone is different.” And this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to Brazilian Butt Lifts. It is always your surgeon’s goal to give you the biggest, shapeliest possible booty in one shot. However, your body is often the limiting factor in the whole equation.  Your result depends on the amount of fat your body is able to both give and receive. Some people can donate liters and liters of their own fat to the cause, while, on the other hand, some patient’s make it very difficult on the surgeon to harvest a substantial amount of fat. And he has to work extra hard to get every last drop of fat possible.

Once all of your available fat is collected and cleaned, it is time to put it where it belongs. This part of the operation is patient dependent as well. One patient may be able to get 1200 liters of fat placed into each buttock, while others may only be able to get 800 liters per side. This is because each patient has a certain amount of “give” or laxity to their skin. The surgeon is limited on how much of the fat he can inject by the amount of fat your skin will stretch to allow.  It would be unsafe and often detrimental to your results if your surgeon pushed your body beyond its capabilities to keep the new fat alive.

My advice is to not go into surgery with a specific number in mind. And definitely don’t compare yourself to your girlfriend or a review you have seen online. Everyone is different. You need to trust your surgeon will do all that he can possibly do to get your booty as big as possible. Once all the swelling goes away and your new shape is revealed, you are sure to love your new rear view!

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