Principles to a Successful Recovery

With all the talk and hype surrounding the popularity of the big booty lately, many people considering having buttock augmentation surgery wonder if it really works.  Not only do they question if it really works, they want to know if the results last.  After all, who wants to go through the entire pre and post-operative process and spend money on any type of cosmetic surgery if it’s not guaranteed?

The Brazilian Butt Lift, along with butt augmentation using buttock implants, is the safest way to surgically increase the size and shape of the booty. During Brazilian Butt Lift, the problem areas on a patient’s body that retain excess fat, such as the abdomen, lower back, and the inner thighs are liposuctioned.  Then, the live purified fat cells are transferred and injected into the buttocks.  This butt augmentation procedure results in a whittled down waist and mid-section as well as a shapelier and more voluptuous butt.  The procedure also offers the most natural look and feel to the butt.

In order for the butt augmentation surgery to remain successful, the patients need to follow specific post-operative guidelines that will be given to them by their plastic surgeon before and after surgery.  The most important rules to follow in order to maintain a healthy butt and ensure fat cell survival are:

  • Stay off the butt entirely for the first 10 days after surgery! Fat cell survival depends on avoiding undue pressure on the butt. High pressure can delay formation of new blood vessels vital for fat preservation and can deform the buttocks.
  •  Consume a high calorie diet following the procedure. Fat cells need to retain their size for your buttocks to retain their shape. Starving your fat cells after surgery is a sure fire way to cause your buttocks to shrink!

Patients that put pressure on their buttocks too soon after surgery run the risk of damaging and even killing the fragile newly injected fat cells.  This can result in a flattened, deflated appearance.  Consuming a high fat, high calorie diet for at least 3 months after having butt augmentation surgery is also imperative to maintaining the size and shape of the new butt.  The fat cells need to be fed and nourished to remain viable.  Patients who decide to have buttock augmentation surgery need to make sure they do their part after surgery in order to achieve the desired result.  Otherwise, the end results may be compromised.

Please call the office of Dr. Jejurikar at (214) 827-2814 if you are interested in learning more about changing the size and shape of your booty and waistline with the Brazilian Butt Lift, or Butt Implants.

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