“I’d die to have a butt like that!”

Bigger booties are currently having there time in the lime light and butt augmentation is no doubt the most sought after procedure by women and men across the globe.  But at what links are people willing to go to in order to achieve the coveted Kim Kardashian sized butt?

It’s a given that anyone considering altering their body in any way to acquire a bigger booty should put their health and safety ahead of vanity.  Unfortunately, too many people are rushing to get butt shots by unqualified scoundrels rather than experienced board certified plastic surgeons, without giving their safety and physical health a second thought.

Illegal black market “butt shots” have been mostly commonplace among strippers, sex workers and the trans-gender community, but more people from all walks of life are now seeking quick and cheap booty augmentations illegally.  As we’ve witnessed all over the news and social media, this quick-fix trend has dire consequences that some people seem to pay no mind to just to be able to fill out their jeans more.

Yet again, someone has recently died from receiving illegal black market butt injections.  34 year old, Kelly Mayhew of Maryland died Saturday, May 30th due to complications from illegal silicone butt shots that were preformed in the basement of an unlicensed worker in Queens.  Kelly was an educated woman who worked as a platform producer at BET in Washington, DC.  It’s hard to understand why she would so carelessly put her life in the hands of someone who was not a legitimate physician.

A board certified plastic surgeon achieves buttock augmentation either by safely transferring the patient’s own fat to the butt, or by inserting specialized buttock implants.  The results are long-term and have no negative health ramifications.

Illegal butt injections that are preformed with silicone, hydrogel, mineral oil, etc. can cause severe physical damage, and even death from infection and pulmonary embolism.  These types of black market injections may be quicker and cheaper, but as we all know, you typically get what you pay for.  Losing your life or suffering from physical deformity or health complications indefinitely as a result of saving time or money is just not worth it!

Hopefully, people will begin to use more common sense and start putting their safety and well being ahead of trying to achieve their idea of perfection.

If you are interested in learning more about safe and reliable buttock augmentation procedures performed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, please call the office of Dr. Jejurikar at (214) 827-2814 to scheduled your consultation.

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