Illegal Butt Shots Can Have Deadly Consequences

As big, beautiful butts become more popular in our society, many women are becoming obsessed with getting their very own voluptuous, round buttocks. Unfortunately, however, some of them have taken shortcuts, seeking out illegal, black market butt shots.

In the world of facial cosmetic surgery, patients have an effective and safe alternative to surgery, which are dermal fillers made from hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, or similar substances. Unfortunately, in the world of buttock augmentation, because the facial fillers come in such small volumes, in the United States, there are no good, safe alternatives to surgery.

Because of this, we have seen a shockingly large increase in the number of illegal buttock injections performed in this country. In Dr. Jejurikar’s clinical practice alone, he has seen patients injected with industrial grade silicone, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly (Vaseline). There are even reports of patients having been injected with substances such as industrial caulk and fix-a-flat.

What are the potential consequences of these illegal injections? None of these are substances that are meant to be within the human body, and, as a result, the consequences are very real. Within a few months to a few years after injections, patients may experience severe scarring, dimpling and deformity of the buttocks. Dr. Jejurikar has seen many patients who develop thickening of the skin and inflammatory reactions related to the body’s attempt to expel these substances. Even worse, life-threatening complications, such as lung or cardiac failure, shock and multi-organ failure can also develop. Recently, in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, a tragic case was reported in which a patient who went to a lash salon underwent illegal butt injections. The substance utilized was reported to be hydrogel. The patient developed shock and died while in the salon. Her body was left overnight and was discovered the next day.

Dr. J was asked to comment on the story, which was recently featured on the local news.

What’s the take home message? Cosmetic procedures are not worth dying for! Do not engage in dangerous medical practices that could jeopardize your life! If you truly desire buttock enhancement, it’s important that you see a trained medical professional. Even though the financial costs are higher, the potential life threatening consequences of illegal butt shots are not worth the risks.

Whoever you see, make sure that the surgeon performing your procedure is a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in buttock augmentation  and Brazilian butt lift. If you’d like to see Dr J, please contact our office to set up an appointment.

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